If you need wood windows, beautiful appearance and high quality, then you are in the right place. We offer You  windows built by the European quality standards!
We produce IV68 profile windows of various sizes and shapes, with different insulating customizable. We make the basic shapes of windows, with triangular shapes, curved, round and other shapes of windows and also custome windows following the wishes of our customers.

Surface protection of our window contains: 2x 1x basic coating and top coat, which provide protection for the window to outside influences (sun, rain, snow, …) are available. For the buyer we offer a variety of transparent shades as well as the whole range of Ral (overlay) colors.

With our windows we offer blinds with outer and inner box, wooden shutters with movable or fins, as well as the so-called Istrian shutters.

We also manufacture aluminum clad wood windows. Aluminum clad wood windows are a combination of wood as a natural material inside and aluminum as a very valuable material on the outside. The Aluschalle protects and prevents damage caused by the weather. Wood from the inside is a unique thermal and acoustic insulation, design, high stability. The outer body of a wood-aluminum windows is simply because it is hardly necessary.



Holz Fenster


Holz-alu Fenster



Fenster mit klappläden


Istrische Fensterläden

Fenster mit istrischen Läden


The windows are actually demanding construction elements of house, apartment, or any facility. Importance of the windows is multipl; the aesthetic, functional, and so on. Somehow windows set the tone of the architecture, in other words, windows can make a house aesthetically “attractive,” but in some cases repugnant.

When installing windows must take into account many things, ranging from economic feasibility, because today is a very important the price of winows.They must be accessible to the customer. Furthermore, the windows should be designed to be easy to maintain. Next, the windows need to isolate the household or any other object from outside noise, but they are also insulators from external weather conditions. The windows are actually a barrier between the interior and exterior atmospheric učinaka.During the construction of windows we must take into account the environmental requirements.

Windows can give the building an interesting look. When we look at things a bit, the windows can give, but also take away the value of a tangible object. So when buying a window, you should not “skimp.”

There are different types of windows.So windows can be openable, not openable, and so named „blind.” Openable windows consist of a frame or the frame and sash, and as the name says can be opened. The second kind are the fixed windows that are glazed only, and can not be opened. The so-called blind windows are bricked.

According to the number of wing windows can be: with one wing, more winged windows, or even swinging. Today the windows are usually made with a single wing. How many wing window will have depends first on purpose, but also wishes.

According to the type of material we have: wooden windows, PVC windows (plastic) and metal (some of which are mostly made of steel or aluminum).

The name of the wooden windows indicates that it is a window made of wood. Wood is a highly respected building material. It has a great aesthetic and traditional values. Today we have over-represented windows are made of wood. The most important is, of course, its aesthetic value. Wood is a material that can be easily processed, and the wooden windows. Most common color in a shade of brown paint.

PVC windows are today more and more embedded in the structures. The task of PVC windows is to provide a sufficient amount of light and to provide aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. However, surely the most important task of PVC windows is because the thermal insulation keeps the heat in the area, as well as noise insulation. An important advantage of these windows is that it can be easily maintained. PVC windows have excellent resistance to all weather conditions. These windows are built from solid and quality materials that have a high aesthetic value. PVC windows are perfectly fit in all types of buildings.

The window has always been and will bepart of the architectural facade which gives us special emphasis and special aesthetic value. The role of the window has changed over the years due to the demands of users. The window offers us a kind of visual coummunication with the environment. When purchasing a window, we must have in mind the purpose of windows, or why would we need a single window.

Because the windows are integral parts of each facility, it is important that they maintain their functionality. For long-term effectiveness of the window it is proper and regular maintenance. This is important because of warranty reasons. Still does not mean cheap windows are favorable, and conversely that the more expensive windows unfavorable. It is not wise to lower prices because of the quality of the product suffers.. There are many things we have to take into account when purchasing a window.

May your Holidays be filled with joy and good cheer and the New Year bring you peace and happiness. Salkanovic Tisleraj wish you a Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year